Product Review: Blogger Generator, Internet Marketing Tool or Ripoff?

Anyone who has done any digital marketing in Richmond at all knows the value of using blogs as part of their online presence. Unlike a web site, which requires the purchase of a domain name and hosting, blogs cost nothing to start. You can construct an infinite number of blogs for free- the only cost is your time, which, in my case, is a limited and valuable commodity. Being a novice internet marketer who wants to grow her business, anything that can automate some of the tedious work, such as building blogs “by hand” is of interest to me. I had gotten several emails from a Joseph Tierney extolling the virtues of his product, the Blogger Generator, including the one offering the product for $50 off the regular price. I viewed the Camtasia videos showing how “easy” it was to build blogs, ping them, insert back links, build a custom template, and automate the blog-posting process. This looked like child’s play; a “piece of cake”. With that, I took out my credit card and purchased the digital product.

Along with the Blogger Generator, which automatically produces blogs, Mr. Tierney’s website promises that you will receive:

Internet Marketing

1. BlogPoster Pro – Automatically post to your Blogger and WordPress blogs at set intervals. You can post anchor text links AND articles. ($97 Value)

2. BlogPinger Pro – Are you tired of pinging all of your blogs by hand? This program automatically pings ALL of your blogs for you at the click of a button to any amount of ping services – 25 included. ($47 Value)

3. GrabLinks – Create a text file of all of the web pages on your site for use in BlogPoster Pro or other sitemap programs – this program can save you hours! ($27 Value)

4. 901 Included Articles – You can use these articles for whatever you want, but they are included for BlogPoster Pro so that you can post them to your blogs. ($37 Value)

5. Private Members Forum – Talk with other BloggerGenerator owners about the latest tactics and techniques for using Blogger blogs. ($47 Value)

6. Free Updates For Life – Every update that is done is free! ($47 Value)

7. Free Support For Life – Just send me an email and I will get back to you forever! ($47 Value) ”

So, how does this product actually measure up in real use?

The first real problem I had was that the urls of the blogs generated by the Blogger Generator were not saving in the Notepad document, unlike the first Camtasia video showed. This was a REAL problem, for without the urls, all the other wonderful tools- pinger, poster, etc. – are worthless.

I sent Mr. Tierney an email, going on the promise of the “Free Support for Life”. Mr. Tierney got back to me within 36 hours, and asked me “Do you mean the Blogger urls file isn’t being saved to? Is the Blogger data file being saved to?” I responded “No, nothing is saving the urls of these blogs.” Mr., Tierney then asked:” Are the counters increasing on the program or staying at 0? ” I responded that the counter on the BG indicated that five blogs were created each of the three times I attempted to use the product, but without knowing the addresses of the blogs, the rest of the package is useless. That was my last communication with Mr. Tierney. Perhaps he thinks I am deceased, since the free support was supposed to be “for life”. Readers, I assure you that I am very much alive.

I asked my cousin, who is much more tech-savvy and experienced at internet marketing to help me. His first comment on the product was that he wondered why the product was divided up into individual components- the Generator, the Blog Pinger, the Blog Poster, and the Grab Links are all delivered to the user in the form of individual .exe files. My cousin had designed and marketed several successful digital products, and his thought was that this software would have been much easier to use if all components were included in a single program, and that the program should be web-based. He struggled with this program himself, commenting that the user documents provided with the program were of little to no help to him, and neither were the Camtasia videos. After about a week of working with this program, he did produce a blog on Blogger. The title of the blog showed as “$BLOGTITLE$”, and the first post showed as “$blogpost$”. The biggest problem he found is that the BlogPoster sends random articles out of the 901 that it has, but it doesn’t even bother to see if the article matches the blog’s topic. For example, he was trying it with his blog about VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) , but the BlogPoster was sending articles about soccer, crafts and other subjects that weren’t even close to the topic! This is a good way to get your blog either ignored or eliminated. Plus, it just doesn’t look professional.

This program fails to deliver what it promises. The Blogger generator does not produce usable blogs. Also, most of the “901 Included Articles” included as one of the bonuses, that are supposedly worth $37, are little more than a few sentences about various sports. I don’t consider four to six poorly written sentences an “article” by any means. I was hoping that I could at least get some use out of this product by using the articles as blog posts or building blocks for other articles. But, this was not meant to be. All the glowing testimonials on this web site were probably written by either Mr. Tierney himself, or by his cronies and business partners. To put it simply- the software doesn’t work the way it should. I will be asking for my money back and/or initiating a charge back on my credit card.

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Hiring The Right Painting Contractor

One of the most common house project that a homeowner will undertake is painting. Painting is a very popular and basic type of house improvement. And whatever type of painting you need or whatever the scope of project is, it is best to hire a professional painting contractor. This will not only save you money, but it can also save you energy, time, and a lot of stress. But before you go on your way and hire one, consider the following things: 

Painting Contractor

1. The Contractor’s Experience. Always check if the contractor has been in the business for several years. Though experience may not be the greatest basis in the test of skill but at least you are assured that the contractor already knows how to do the job and how to do it well. Moreover, it is advisable to hire someone that has a two to three year experience in the field of work.  

2. The Contractor And His Employees. Have a background check with your contractor. Check if he has some employees and if these employees are direct. If yes, make sure that the contractor covers the liabilities and insurance of his employees so that you don’t have to stress yourself in paying if ever some damage might occur. 

3. A Legal License. Make sure that your painting contractor has professional license that is issued by the state. They should also have compensation and liability insurance. And don’t just ask them to give you answers, tell them to give you proper and tangible documents that can prove their claim as professional licensed painting contractor. Insurance is also very important as it protects you and them from any possible liability that may occur during the painting process.  

4. The Preparatory Work. Many unprofessional painting contractor skip any preparation in their work which most likely results poor performance. Check the contractor on how they prepare their work. You will know if they are good in their job if they take all the time in doing every preparatory work that should be done.  

5. The Referrals. Before instantly hiring one, try to do a canvass from your relatives or neighbors if they have someone to recommend you. This can give you the assurance that the contractor you are hiring has done a rather decent job in his previous clients.  

6. Reasonable Cost. Payment is always the main aspect that gets this kind of transaction going. It is indeed a great concern to both you and the painting contractor. However, it would be wise to not choose the cheapest price because you cannot guarantee the quality of the work. As a homeowner, you first need to check if the contractor has the skills, knowledge, attitude, experience, and the proper and legit license and insurance. After this, negotiate with him a reasonable price that can benefit both you and your contractor. Make sure the price he is giving compensates the work that is done in your home. 

Consider all these tips in mind. However, if you are already planning to hire one at this very moment, check out and assure yourself that the painting work done in your house is quality and stress free. 

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The Effects Of Carpets In Your Home 

Maintaining a clean carpet in your home is vital to keep your family healthy and your house clean, it is a must that you consistently vacuum your carpet to remove any harmful pests. A carpet can be the perfect breeding grounds for molds, fungi, and many kinds of bacteria that can affect your pets and your family members.


Your carpets are usually placed in areas where people like to laze around and relax, a dirty carpet will make them prone to allergies, insect bites, and diseases. Lessen the chances and create a safe environment in your home by doing your part in cleaning your carpet. To ensure a safe  home you can also request for the services of Boise carpet cleaners for your peace of mind.

It is important that you gauge your availability when it comes to cleaning your carpet, some people prefer that they do it on their own. But if your daily lifestyle doesn’t allow you to invest time with your carpet, then it will probably the best move to invest in a carpet cleaner who will clean your carpet regularly. You know the negative effects of a dirty carpet, it is your job to make sure your family doesn’t get affected by this.

A dirty carpet will be highly evident because of the intense stench that this can produce. This foul odor is so strong that it can fill your house with this smell and can get you feeling dizzy and irritated. Your carpet is made out of little fibers and when dirt  plus moisture is mixed into this fiber it releases a foul odor that you must thoroughly clean to get rid of it completely.

The dirt  in your carpet can act as the origin of dirt that can possibly spread to other areas of your home. The dust and other dirt that accumulate in your carpet won’t stay intact forever, it will be able to move freely and move to other surround structures. This is caused by the lack of cleanliness a carpet receives.

Your carpet doesn’t live forever but it can last for years if you take good care of it the right way. A dirty carpet can disintegrate the fibers that make up a carpet and let it die out sooner than expected. Make sure you get the most out of your carpet and promote more life to it by making sure it gets pampering it deserves for a vibrant home.

A dirty carpet can be contagious and not just your health but also to the other furniture that is surrounding your carpet. The dirt and dust can also be passed over to your couches and shelves, this will give you more problems to deal with. It will be best to get things under control and make sure that your carpet is not an origin of disaster for your home.

Dirty carpets have a lot effects that will give you a hassle and will be hard to contain if you do not act quickly. Create good habits early on and take control of your carpet’s cleanliness at home.

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