How to Repair Your Roof’s Gutter?

The moment your roof gutters have any holes or cracks, the seepage can lead to structural damage to your home. Because of that, you will want to apply a relatively quick and easy solution to fix your gutters before huge damage will be done. First and foremost, make sure that you wire brush the area that has been damaged in order to loosen rust and remove dirt. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly using a rag that was soaked in mineral spirits. However, if the metal is not yet rusted entirely or if the hole is quite small, a screening patch will not be required anymore. All you have to do is to simply spread a layer of roof cement over the area that has been damaged.

Roof’s Gutter

Repairing the Gutter of Your Roof if It Has Holes or Cracks 

In this article, you will be able to learn some basic ways on how to repair your roof gutter if there’s an open hole. 

  • Cut a piece of wire screening scrap, about half inch to one inch bigger is needed all around the hole. 
  • Using a trowel, spread the roof cement around the hole and press the wire screening patching down into the hole. Next, spread a thin layer of roof cement over the screening and let it dry. 
  • If the holes of the screening are still open, make sure that you spread another cement layer over the patch in order to completely close it. 

If your roof gutter is severely damaged or if it has a large hole in it, try to patch it up using a sheet metal instead of a wire screening. Furthermore, if your gutters are made of copper, you should also look for copper and use it as a replacement.  

For other types of gutters, the most commonly used material is the aluminum. Here is a quick guide on how to repair or replace: 

  1. Cut a piece of the metal sheet, which is big enough to have the inside gutter of your vehicle covered completely as well as wrapped around the edges of the outside area. Patches should also be extended at least one inch beyond damage every way along your roof gutter. 
  2. Bend the patch basing on the exact shape of the gutters inside area. 
  3. Using roof cement, coat the entire area of the inside of the gutter where the patch will go. After that, press the patch down into the cemented gutter in order to cover the hole. 
  4. Bend the edges back over the gutter lips using pliers. After that, coat the entire patch that is inside the gutter using the roof cement and try to makes sure that all the patch edges should also be covered.  

Aside from patching any obvious damage in your gutter, it’s also important that you inspect your garters regularly for loose sections, sags and loose hangers. If you find any problem in your gutter that is hard to fix, make sure to hire a professional roofing contractor for dependable gutter repair or gutter installation Concord NC. 

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