Product Review: Blogger Generator, Internet Marketing Tool or Ripoff?

Anyone who has done any digital marketing in Richmond at all knows the value of using blogs as part of their online presence. Unlike a web site, which requires the purchase of a domain name and hosting, blogs cost nothing to start. You can construct an infinite number of blogs for free- the only cost is your time, which, in my case, is a limited and valuable commodity. Being a novice internet marketer who wants to grow her business, anything that can automate some of the tedious work, such as building blogs “by hand” is of interest to me. I had gotten several emails from a Joseph Tierney extolling the virtues of his product, the Blogger Generator, including the one offering the product for $50 off the regular price. I viewed the Camtasia videos showing how “easy” it was to build blogs, ping them, insert back links, build a custom template, and automate the blog-posting process. This looked like child’s play; a “piece of cake”. With that, I took out my credit card and purchased the digital product.

Along with the Blogger Generator, which automatically produces blogs, Mr. Tierney’s website promises that you will receive:

Internet Marketing

1. BlogPoster Pro – Automatically post to your Blogger and WordPress blogs at set intervals. You can post anchor text links AND articles. ($97 Value)

2. BlogPinger Pro – Are you tired of pinging all of your blogs by hand? This program automatically pings ALL of your blogs for you at the click of a button to any amount of ping services – 25 included. ($47 Value)

3. GrabLinks – Create a text file of all of the web pages on your site for use in BlogPoster Pro or other sitemap programs – this program can save you hours! ($27 Value)

4. 901 Included Articles – You can use these articles for whatever you want, but they are included for BlogPoster Pro so that you can post them to your blogs. ($37 Value)

5. Private Members Forum – Talk with other BloggerGenerator owners about the latest tactics and techniques for using Blogger blogs. ($47 Value)

6. Free Updates For Life – Every update that is done is free! ($47 Value)

7. Free Support For Life – Just send me an email and I will get back to you forever! ($47 Value) ”

So, how does this product actually measure up in real use?

The first real problem I had was that the urls of the blogs generated by the Blogger Generator were not saving in the Notepad document, unlike the first Camtasia video showed. This was a REAL problem, for without the urls, all the other wonderful tools- pinger, poster, etc. – are worthless.

I sent Mr. Tierney an email, going on the promise of the “Free Support for Life”. Mr. Tierney got back to me within 36 hours, and asked me “Do you mean the Blogger urls file isn’t being saved to? Is the Blogger data file being saved to?” I responded “No, nothing is saving the urls of these blogs.” Mr., Tierney then asked:” Are the counters increasing on the program or staying at 0? ” I responded that the counter on the BG indicated that five blogs were created each of the three times I attempted to use the product, but without knowing the addresses of the blogs, the rest of the package is useless. That was my last communication with Mr. Tierney. Perhaps he thinks I am deceased, since the free support was supposed to be “for life”. Readers, I assure you that I am very much alive.

I asked my cousin, who is much more tech-savvy and experienced at internet marketing to help me. His first comment on the product was that he wondered why the product was divided up into individual components- the Generator, the Blog Pinger, the Blog Poster, and the Grab Links are all delivered to the user in the form of individual .exe files. My cousin had designed and marketed several successful digital products, and his thought was that this software would have been much easier to use if all components were included in a single program, and that the program should be web-based. He struggled with this program himself, commenting that the user documents provided with the program were of little to no help to him, and neither were the Camtasia videos. After about a week of working with this program, he did produce a blog on Blogger. The title of the blog showed as “$BLOGTITLE$”, and the first post showed as “$blogpost$”. The biggest problem he found is that the BlogPoster sends random articles out of the 901 that it has, but it doesn’t even bother to see if the article matches the blog’s topic. For example, he was trying it with his blog about VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) , but the BlogPoster was sending articles about soccer, crafts and other subjects that weren’t even close to the topic! This is a good way to get your blog either ignored or eliminated. Plus, it just doesn’t look professional.

This program fails to deliver what it promises. The Blogger generator does not produce usable blogs. Also, most of the “901 Included Articles” included as one of the bonuses, that are supposedly worth $37, are little more than a few sentences about various sports. I don’t consider four to six poorly written sentences an “article” by any means. I was hoping that I could at least get some use out of this product by using the articles as blog posts or building blocks for other articles. But, this was not meant to be. All the glowing testimonials on this web site were probably written by either Mr. Tierney himself, or by his cronies and business partners. To put it simply- the software doesn’t work the way it should. I will be asking for my money back and/or initiating a charge back on my credit card.

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